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On the 1st July, wait… that’s today! Well, Richmix is today celebrating its “cotton” anniversary. That means 2 whole years if you didn’t know! (Only 68 left to go if we are to match dear old Elizabeth!)

The shop has only recently managed it’s first uninterrupted 12 months of opening… what a unique time to have opened a shop?! Still the future looks bright… where there is war, inflation, a cost of living crisis, food and fuel shortages, more episodes of love island and so much more… plenty to enjoy!


On the bright side, Richmix Records will be introducing a brand new anti-inflation policy. No prices will rise for the next 12 months. This will ensure that you can continue to feed your ears, at least, with fairly priced music and other fun items from the shop.


To be serious for a moment, it has been great fun and again a big THANK YOU to all my customers who have supported the shop this year. You’ve come from Brazil, Spain, Holland, Iceland, the midlands (where it’s nearly as cold) and of course good old Torbay and all across devon. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have and I’m very grateful for the lovely reviews people have left. 


I look forward to a brilliant 3rd year. Let’s keep the world of music spinning!


Thank you to everyone and everything!


All the best



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