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Well it’s only been 14 weeks since the shop was last open…..hasn’t it just flow by ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally the 12th of April has come around and I can’t wait to get the doors open again. Behind the scenes things have been happening at RICHMIX.  Some new vinyl displays are in place and lots of painting has been going on ( I’ve finally run out of surfaces to coat ! ). The shop front has been tidied up and is as good as it can be without ripping it down and starting again.

Most importantly I’ve been buying in lots of great stock….over 5,000 items in all. There’s too much to describe fully but I’ve taken in a small mountain of disco & Hi NRG vinyl on 7” & 12”, a chunk of dance, house & techno, as well as a smattering ( it’s in the dictionary ! ) of reggae, lovers rock & punk. The jazz, funk & soul sections are building nicely. “Madchester” and the Balaeric’s are now nicely represented and improved offerings of perennial favourites across a range of tastes are out in the racks.

I don’t know who and how many of you are out there ready to hit the tracks again but I’ll be ready to greet you from Monday 12th. I’ll be open all week and then from the week commencing 19th April be back to the normal opening days…Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat…10-5.

Looking forward to seeing you all and let’s hope this is the last interruption to normal service.

All the best



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